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Sleep, perfected.

Bespoke natural fibre bedding...

Each stitch is expertly crafted, using luxuriously soft downproof cotton and a lofty, soft filling of hand-carded virgin fibre to make the ultimate in sleep satisfaction.  We have discovered the unbelievable results of sleeping under natural fibres like wool and Alpaca, and we are sharing it with South Africa through our commitment to quality products, and to our customers’ sleep improvement. 

As one of a small handful of manufacturers of pure wool and Alpaca duvet inners in South Africa, Karoo Creations is leading the way for a return to natural fibres and bespoke craftsmanship for bedroom linens.

Our customers are those who appreciate superb quality, using materials that are kinder to the environment, and are prepared to invest in linens that will last for many years.  You will not find our hand-made products in retail stores – each of our indulgent duvets are made to order.  We also do not compete with mass-produced, machine-made plastic alternatives that have flooded the market at budget prices.  

90% of our materials are proudly South African, and our wool and Alpaca fibre can be traced back to the farm of origin. By using only locally produced materials as far as possible, we are committed to rebuilding South Africa’s economy after the COVID lockdowns.

Besides the support to our local economy, we are very proud of the fact that our products are almost totally environmentally friendly; much kinder to animals than down or feather duvets; and have phenomenal benefits to those who suffer with allergies, hot flushes, hot sleeping temperatures and dust sensitivity. 

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