Karoo Creations Wool Duvets

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Our Story

Having been in the hospitality industry for many years, we have come to realise that many of our guests prefer hypoallergenic bedding, or have ethical reservations about sleeping under duck or goose down duvets. Personally, we have also suffered for many years where one of us gets too hot in bed, while the other needs a duvet.  

When we came across wool duvets as an alternative to down, or fibrefill made with petroleum byproducts, we were intrigued.  And so, when we researched further, we discovered the phenomenal benefits of wool.  Because we are based in the heart of South Africa’s sheep country, it was a natural choice for us to develop and share our unique product with you.

the handcrafted difference

Our pure wool duvets are not mass produced in a factory.  Each duvet takes up to 6 hours to cut, sew, quilt and package. We are very strict about the materials used to construct the duvets so that we ensure the product you receive is of the highest quality. 

Karoo Creations allergy free wool duvets


No dust mites, moisture and mould resistant and 100% natural fibres mean our products are almost 100% allergy free.

Karoo Creations wool duvets


Wool is not a byproduct of the meat industry like duck or goose down. ​


Each product can be custom made in unique sizes according to your requirements. ​

Karoo Creations Custom Made


Quality is assured as each of our duvets is hand-made and hand packaged. ​