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Duvet refresh service

Instead of taking a chance and having your duvet ruined by an inexperienced dry cleaner, rather let us, as the professionals, handle the cleaning of your duvet! 

If you have purchased a wool duvet from us, and would like it professionally refreshed, read on about our DUVET REFRESH service to all of our clients. 

Washable wool duvets

For our clients who have purchased washable wool duvets, you can merely pop these into your domestic washing machine with a special wool detergent (Woollite), on a gentle cycle with a water temperature under 40 degrees, and hang it out to dry as normal. 

Please do not tumble dry, or dry clean your washable duvet. 

Dry Cleaning

If you absolutely have to dry clean your duvet instead of sending it to us for a professional clean, please make sure your dry cleaner has a very gentle wool cycle on their big machines.  The drum must not turn fully, but rather rock from side to side every minute or two.  If the drum turns like a regular washing machine, it is guaranteed that your duvet will come out with hard, felted wool all clumped in the corners of the pockets.  Sadly, the duvet will be ruined. 

Your dry cleaner should also not use PERC (the preferred dry cleaning chemical).  An organic, gentle soap is recommended.  

Please also tell your dry cleaner to AIR DRY your duvet.  Wool does not like high temperatures, and being tumbled in a commercial dryer will make the wool felt and go hard.