Winterweight Wool Duvet

  • Hypoallergenic organic matter that is biodegradable within 5 years
  • Perfect for allergen sensitive sleepers – free from dust mites, mould and moisture
  • Easy to clean and refresh by hanging out in the sun
  • Pure high-quality cotton casing, with specially quilted pockets resulting in less wool clumping and movement
  • Handmade to very exacting standards
  • Drycleaning recommended
  • Less cruelty to animals than duck or goose down products


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Don’t compromise on getting the best possible night’s sleep. These are the Rolls Royce of duvets – phenomenal quality, only the best materials and made to last a lifetime. 

Handcrafted in the Karoo, we have worked hard to create the most luxurious, comfortable 100% wool duvets to help the environment in our own small way.

Each 20cm pocket is filled with an exact amount of pure wool. This means the perfect duvet for the colder South African winter nights. This is a heavier winter duvet, with a beautiful lofty 600-650gms of wool per m/2.  This equates to a TOG rating of approximately 12-15, so perfectly suited to the chillier months of the year. Our duvet is perfect for sleepers who prefer a bit more weight on the bed, live in a colder property or part of the country. 


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  • Delivery lead time for Black Friday purchases is 28 days.
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Kind to the planet

Our duvets contain no petrochemical derivative products (as found in plastic fibre fill duvets), and decompose naturally within 5 years. During the decomposition process, no microplastics will be leached into the ground water supply, or into the soil.  Many experts have published reports that plastic (micro-fibre / fibre-fill / etc) duvets take up to 500 years to decompose. 

Kind to animals

While many salespeople of down duvets say that their fillings come from ethical sources, the truth is much of the down is imported from China where live plucking of geese and ducks is still very common – not very well known for its animal rights.  Many of these “voluntary associations” preach about their commitment to ethical sourcing, but the sad reality is that most birds are either live plucked or destined for the food chain.

Our wool is sourced from South African farmers, who employ very experienced shearers to give their sheep their yearly haircuts, much like a spoiled pooch needs a visit to the parlour every now and again.  These farmers all subscribe to ethical treatment of their animals and their lands, as well as the precarious water supply in South Africa.  Shearing a sheep is not as traumatic as is made out by some militant animal rights organisations, and it is a necessity for the health and well being of the animal.  

Kind to you

Wool does not attract dust mites at all so it is perfect for allergy sufferers. Feathers and down will start to produce a fine dust during their natural decomposition process that can also trigger hayfever if the dust escapes through a fabric casing that is not of good quality. 

Wool also absorbs moisture (think sweat), unlike down or plastic, and it allows this moisture to naturally evaporate through its fibres, so there is less chance of unseen mould or moisture in your duvet.

Wool is a natural thermoregulator, so our double, queen and king duvets are ideal for couples because each person’s individual body temperature will be regulated by the wool, giving each person a comfortable night’s rest without throwing the duvet off onto the other person, or having to hang a foot out of the covers to cool down. 

Made to order

Our duvets are specifically made to order, and our delivery lead time is up to 21 days. Because we manufacture in a small town in the Karoo, our couriers only collect on Tuesdays and Fridays.  We will however endeavour to get your delivery out to you as soon as possible.

Care of your duvet

Our duvets should only be dry cleaned.  If any accidents occur, you can spot clean it by wiping off the excess mess (whatever it may be), and gently rubbing with Woolite mixed with tepid water.  You can either hang it out in the sun to dry, our dry it with a hairdryer on a cool setting, taking care to keep moving the hairdryer. Wool will naturally shrink in water, and by washing in a domestic washing machine, you run the risk of the wool filling “felting”.

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Single, Three Quarter, Double, Queen, King, Super King


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